What is a Workshop?

Each project is an exclusive communication experience, a unique occasion to share ideas with everyone, inspirations and concepts that afterward become real objects, not only useful but also cultural representation of the moment.

Working side by side with other creative I learned and shared projects life, starting from the first idea to the development of the product, becoming fond of the meta-project concept. I love this name: based on study, research and communication. As a matter of fact I am sure that the planning itself gives a real meaning to the work. A foundation that has its roots at Bologna DAMS where I graduated myself in art and communication, and where I learned that the artistic way of thinking is also the communication art.

Later the contemporary dance world taught me that the artistic co-ordination, the costume and the stage designing conception are activities that expect a great level of planning, and demand the capability of harmonize and operate together in many ways, depending on the final presentation.

At the Domus Academy in Milan I learned that the design is on top of everything, a way of communication where the objects represent symbolic values and the new lifestyles. If we settle for the simple function there would be no need to design new objects.

When together with Alberto Alessi I designed and then managed the Alessi Research Center in 1989, I proposed the role of meta-project manager and art director, signed by CSA, coordinating numerous workshops both inside the company and in collaboration with design schools and universities around the world. In those years I developed many publishing and communication activities. Since 2004, the designed products for Alessi are identified by the brand “LPWK” (Laura Polinoro Workshop).

Today the narration entrusted to the design prefers the ethic choices; responsible, consistent and sustainable objects are needed, without forgetting the contemporary aesthetic. For this reason I shared the work of the last years with designers coming from different art, cartoon, graphic and fashion categories: in my opinion the designer express his personal time and taste without being too related to a past or a style that, even if glorious, is expired. In the meanwhile I continue to create objects for a private collection signed by Laura Polinoro.

How does the process work?

The workshop process works like this:

  1. World of ideas to the design
  2. Marketing
  3. The design production


LPWK Design Studio

Operative Process (Phase 1)


1) From the meta-project to the selection of the project

2) Presentation of the meta-project

3) Project development through workshops – First selection of projects



Operative Process (Phase 2)


1) Project development, definition and evaluation of the workshop

2) Projects presentation to the marketing and sales team for a first evaluation

3) Further development of single projects

4) Final approval of projects and scheduling of production


Operative Process (Phase 3)


1) From the project to the product

2) Engineering of selected projects (prototypes)

3) Study of packaging and communication material – Production



1) Identify and develop new themes and metaprojectual areas
2) Identify new creatives/designers
3) Develop interesting projects for Company evaluation
4) Create synergies with international research centers (Universities, Museums, other Companies)
At the end of each cycle of Workshops, a group of designers is selected and invited to participate in a workshop, with LPWK and Alessi’s Company team.